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One more post about our Grand Re-Opening that was 1 week ago ( July 1st ). Here’s some video footage shot by the homie Millz from Fresh-Cool-Dope. It was an amazing day.. thanks to everyone involved. 

Tee Large - owner of Kreativ.Sole Boutique

Thanks for the support and love. We are thankful to be back open, and thanks for your patience during our remodeling. We have so much instore now that we are back open. To my team, I love each of you and appreciate your dedication.  To our customer base, we are here ONLY because you show us love…and we remodeled because you deserved it.

First sale in the remodeled KS goes to the homie Quez !!

preciate the homie Q, for painting this for us, Next is the KS tattoo!!

Dre coppin a 10.Deep tank!

Eastside ( @gotmaddsole ) and Tims ( @timswhenitscold ) posted up behind the register !!

D.A ( @imdeeAye_ ) & Joy ( @iamsunnshine ) looking beautiful in front of the hat wall

Address:  904 Bob Wallace Ave Suite 201 / Huntsville AL 35801

Summer Hours:  Mon – Saturday  12 – 7  // Closed on Sundays 

phone:  256-489-5016  


twitter:   @kreativsole

Our Staff:   @teelarge ( owner ) ,        @ifitch101 ( assistant mgr ) ,

            @timswhenitscold ( assistant mgr ) , @jaydotrain ( intern ) ,

                @iamsunnshine ( intern ),  @gotmaddsole ( team member  )  

In the lab….

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“Man these dudes at KREATIV.SOLE dont update they blog enough for me”…. calm down young grasshoppers…we are currently in serious design mode. We are putting the finishing touches on the design for our upcoming crewnecks, hoodies and tshirts. Going back in forth with the graphic designers, and getting the samples back from the printers/embroiderers is no joke….

Plus we are planning a few events…..

Get ready…. Thanks for your support…we appreciate it all.

Tee, Fitch, & Ktims.