Eggplants…..I got mine!! Shouts out to Matt @ CORPORATE-Cinci

Posted: January 27, 2009 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET

Okay so this is day 19 of “where the hell am i getting my Eggplant Foamposites?“. My boy Dre hit me up at 8am this morning saying he copped his off, then my boy Shaun in ATL said he was gonna cop his there too. Well if you know me then you know i hate internet shopping. I like to deal with the shops and the sneaker boutiques. But i really wanted these shoes so I was gonna join the club! 10am I got online and i saw that had a post about them being on the web for sale. I got on the web and then i seen the SOLD OUT sign.  But then I called my boy MT @ Corporate in Cincinnati and blam!! He was checking ’em in when I called. I believe I got the first pair sold…he didnt shout me out on the video…probably cause that’s my pair on the counter. That looks like a 9.5 the he slammed on the counter??? MT you trippin!!!

–tlarge …KREATIVSOLE     video courtsey of Corporate & 

  1. MT says:

    Ha yeah homie I was on my grind all day…
    Dumb tired! Mad snow and fresh kicks!

  2. Dre2003 says:

    Yeah I caught this vid yesterday on very nice… I appreciate the shout out too…Big ups!!!

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